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Mineral Blush

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Natural Mineral Cosmetics, MINERAL MAKEUP BLUSHES:

Handmade Natural Beauty's Mineral Makeup Blushes offer natural cheek color and a soft radiant glow to your face. Thes Mineral Makeup Blushes also offer a quality formula that blends easily and is long-wearing.

Our mineral makeup blushes vary slightly in their formulas based on the color you select. Vintage Rose and Chocolate Seduction offer a slight soft sheen. Terra Cotta offers no shimmer but is just as soft, silky and compliments a natural beauty look; perfect for daytime. The remaining three: Candied Apricot, Maiden Blush and Brazen Ruby offer a semi-matte look which is the best of both worlds. They offer a slight sheen, but still, look great for everyday daytime wear.

Handmade Natural Beauty's Mineral Makeup Blushes are completely preservative-free and irritant-free. These are 100% natural and pure minerals and can also be used on the nails and lips if desired.

Refills are available as well, so you don't have to keep buying the container each time!

Customer Reviews

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Lisa McG
Glow from within color

I bought Vintage Rose and Candied Apricot to start with. I am a very fair olive-skinned female of full Italian descent (Sicily and Naples) with yellow undertones. My complexion favors peach over pink colors, but I like having variations to change my look. My experience with both colors has been fabulous. The Apricot blends into my skin with very little effort, as it's a mild and not overly saturated color. But, I'm assuming this is because my complexion loves peaches/corals, etc. Vintage Rose goes on very intense and saturated for me. However, it is easily blended and looks beautifully natural on my cheekbone. When I apply, I only need a very minute amount. Noteworthy: I do apply the mineral foundation over all my base makeup (contour, blush, liner, highlighter), so that also blends everything beautifully and gives a glow-from-within look. I do not use concealer, as I do not normally need it and the mineral foundation completely covers any imperfections I have with very little product. These mineral products are crazy good. I'm going to buy one more blush color and will review that once I wear it.