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Lotion Bars

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Moisturizing Natural Solid LOTION BARS: Once you try one of these wonderfully fragrant and moisturizing natural lotion bars, you'll never want to use ordinary lotion again! Lotion Bars are less messy than standard lotion and are made with the highest quality of skin-nourishing natural ingredients.

With a variety of fragrances available, not only will you have softer skin by using these moisturizing natural lotion bars, but you'll smell great too! ( A non-scented lotion bar is also available). The lotion bars are available in 2 sizes: 1 oz. lotion bars which are great to carry with you in a pocket or purse or to keep in your desk to use as a hand lotion bar, and the 2.5 oz. lotion bars that work well to use as an all-natural all-over body moisturizer or massage bar.

The beeswax in the lotion bar helps create a moisture barrier that helps protect your skin, ideal for frequent hand-washers. This product is ideal for people who are hard on their hands including:

• Medical professionals
• Florists
• Food Service workers
• Farmers

• Cosmetologists
• Auto mechanics
• Factory workers
• Daycare providers

DirectionsThe lotion bars come complete with a brand NEW handy application stick container. Remove cap and apply the lotion bar directly on your clean dry skin. Some of the reported uses:

• Moisturizing dry or cracked hands & feet
• Massage lotion
• Reducing the appearance of dry skin

• Minor skin issues
• After shaving

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Fragrance and/or Essential Oils.

Available in 2 sizes:
1 oz Stick and 2.5 oz. Stick (NEW and improved containers!)

**Please note: Due to packaging availability, some lotion bars may be in black containers rather than white as shown. Honestly, we're not sure which we prefer lol!**

Buy 5 Small
Lotion Bars for $45

Buy 2 Large
Lotion Bars for $40

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Worth every penny!

I've completely used up two of these bars and will continue to purchase more. They last a long time (longer than lotion products, in my perception) and offer a nice non-greasy way to apply a moisturizing product. I especially love that when you reach the end of the packaging, you can pop out the mechanism that pushes the bar up the tube and can truly use up every single drop of product. They're great for air travel too, so that you have more space freed up in your liquids bag by not having to bring lotion.

Just take your pick from all the amazing scents: I personally recommend Blackberry Sage, that scent was so good it almost felt like it was illegal to own it and be able to smell it whenever I wanted.

Minor downsides: This product is hard to apply if it gets too cold, so I wouldn't put it in your backpack on a ski trip unless you plan to store it close to your body to keep it warm. Second, I wish there were a way to make the packaging out of a more eco-friendly material. I'm not sure if that's possible given the nature of the product, but I'd love to see that possibility explored!

J Lantz
Smells great, convenient and feels smooth

I love the fall scents and always keep this in my purse when I'm running around getting stuff done.

Angie Johnson
Nice smelling lotion bars

The lotion bars leave my skin so soft; love the convenience of them & the variety of fragrances.

Meredith Ohotto

Lotion Bars

Rita Myhre
Lotion bars / soaps

I love all your products. The Shea butter and goat milk soap is awesome. The lotion bar really helped my hands. I love your store. I’ll be back.