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Mineral Foundation

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Natural Mineral Cosmetics, MINERAL MAKEUP FOUNDATIONS:
If you are looking for a pure natural mineral makeup that is skin-healthy and hypo-allergenic, Handmade Natural Beauty's Natural Mineral Makeup Foundations are for you!

Our foundation is perfect for every skin tone and available in 10 different shades. Our Mineral Foundation is ideal for even the most sensitive skin and also contains a natural sunscreen.

This is an affordable mineral makeup solution for natural-looking coverage that looks light and flawless, without the pore-clogging fillers and synthetic chemicals and ingredients of traditional makeup.

Refills are available as well, so you don't have to keep buying the container each time!

Color Descriptions of Handmade Natural Beauty's Line of Mineral Foundations

Handmade Natural Beauty offers an excellent assortment of color choices suitable for many skin tone and ethnic varieties. Keep in mind, you can mix colors together to achieve the desired results as well. The sky's the limit to the new colors you can create! Be sure to sample colors first if you are unsure of what color would suit you. No exchanges are offered if you do not like the color you've selected.

Ivory Rose:: Choose this mineral foundation if you have a very light complexion with pink undertones. This shade is for the classic light ivory skin tone.

In-The-Buff Ivory:: Choose this mineral foundation if you have a light complexion with pink or neutral undertones. This foundation shade helps even out your skin tone and tone down ruddiness.

Creamy Peach:: Choose this mineral foundation if you have a light peaches and cream complexion with yellow undertones. Ideal for very light caucasions and Asian complexions.

Iced Martini:: Choose this mineral foundation is you have a very light olive skin tone. Also works well for some Asian complexions. This mineral foundation is very similar to Classic Martini, but is a lighter version.

Classic Martini:: Choose this mineral foundation is you have light olive skin tones and need a darker shade than Iced Martini. Ideal for women with Mediterranean or Latin ethnic backgrounds.

Rose Petal Beige:: Choose this foundation if you have a light to medium complexion with pink undertones. Blend with Ivory Rose to lighten slightly or Scarlett Bronze to darken it.

Naked Beige:: Choose this mineral foundation if you have a neutral complexion and desire a shade darker than In-The-Buff Ivory.

Exotic Beauty:: Choose this mineral foundation if you have darker skin with yellow undertones. Excellent for Latinas, Southeast Asians, Native Americans, or light skinned African-American women.

Scarlett Bronze:: Choose this mineral foundation if you have tan Caucasian skin. It has a warm appearance. This may be your "summer shade" or use year round if you use indoor tanning. Blend with Ivory Rose to lighten if necessary.

Caramel:: Choose this mineral foundation if you have darker skin tones. It is a caramel-brown with rich warm undertones..

Customer Reviews

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Lisa McG
Wonderfully light yet the coverage is amazing

I am so very pleased with the mineral foundation. I have much difficulty matching my complexion (light-skinned/100% Italian descent with yellow undertones), and this is such a beautiful match. It's honestly the first time in all my years that I found something I don't have to mix with lighter/darker colors. The coverage is amazing. It can be as light or as opaque as you wish. I like very light coverage, and the brush you use will be the key. A stiffer brush has more coverage for me. I softer, less firm, brush gives me a very sheer coverage. However, no matter how sheer or opaque I go, my skin doesn't look cakey or overly done. Very very impressed with the quality. I have two blushes as well, and they are amazing in how the color transfers to the skin without sitting on top of it. I apply the blush under the mineral foundation and it shines through beautifully. I want mineral everything now. LOL.